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Overdevelopment  We are currently at a point where we see the town growing at a fast pace, and we need to make smart, informed decisions on what that looks like now and for the future. The increase in high-density development is happening throughout town, overtaking areas that are already highly populated and experiencing issues with infrastructure.  I am by no means against development   but I believe in smart development.  In our fight against the Town Center project,  we were able to negotiate and get  the bottom floor of the building to remain retail to allow for something to benefit current residents and I look at that as a positive.  I would like to see decisions  about development be made that can benefit current residents and look at the future of Huntersville as a whole. 

Town Hall  There is currently a proposal to build a new Town Hall that will cost at least $13 million. The placement of the proposed Town Hall and the price tag do not seem to be in the town's best interest. The intended location will be on an already crowded corner of a main intersection, causing more unnecessary traffic to an already busy area. The cost of building a new Town Hall rather than building onto the existing building to accommodate the new needs is not fiscally appropriate and frankly, irresponsible.

Transparency  The town board is made up of the Mayor and six elected board members set in place by the residents to vote in their best interest. With many recent votes, residents have openly cited opposition to propositions of development and their voices have not been heard. Much information is not being relayed to the constituents, and it does not allow for appropriate dialogue in decision making.  

Infrastructure  One common complaint from residents across town is traffic and overall infrastructure. The public works and engineering departments do well above what their job entails, but it is impossible to keep up with the demand with so much development occurring. The cost to update current infrastructure well surpasses what the town can afford without including what will need to be done down the road to support the new developments on the books. We need to look at this issue and work on what we can before getting too far beyond fixing.

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