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Meet Amber

Amber Kovacs was born and raised in Florida, spending all her time between the Tampa area and Orlando. Born in Dunedin she knows the feeling of the close-knit community. Moving from that small town to Orlando was stark in contrast and set her future goals to return to the small-town life. Amber loves volunteering and was a Special Olympics coach until her move. She loves spending time with her family, playing with her dogs, researching current events, and advocating for the community. 

During the pandemic, her family was afforded the opportunity to move to this area. After a lot of research, Huntersville just felt like home. As a wife, mom of two, and an Exceptional Children’s teacher for CMS; she is very active in her surrounding area and events. The idea of moving to a town with walkability and a sense of community were the driving factors in the choice to move to Huntersville. Her family has embraced this new life, and they take every advantage to participate in the town around them: Attending holiday events and concerts in Veteran's Park, walking to the local coffee shop and restaurants, and being involved in the Huntersville Parks and Rec Park Hoppers and Mini-Adventure Camps, to name a few. 

Soon after moving to Huntersville, a proposed development in her neighborhood challenged the hometown, natural aspect to which she had been drawn, and this development sparked an interest in advocating for her family, her neighbors, her community. She started to learn the inner workings of the town and how she could help its residents. Amber has attended and spoken at many Town Board meetings and public hearings. . 

Save Downtown Huntersville was created to help share information about what was happening with upcoming projects and town information and to become an advocate for the residents. Getting involved in this movement to promote smart development set Amber on a path to help the current Huntersville residents and the town as a whole. After listening to many folks' opinions and beliefs about town concerns, Amber continued to research and became committed to help. This year, she completed Huntersville 101 to learn about the various town departments.

All of this action has directed Amber's focus to become the voice for Huntersville residents. The town needs someone who is willing to find compromises to help business and residents alike and not be afraid of a challenge. The recent votes and decisions (new town hall, high density housing in downtown) are not benefiting current residents; and a new perspective is needed. Amber will work to balance the rights and needs of the people with the wants of the town as a whole. Let Amber lead Huntersville residents and the town on a path of smart growth.


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